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Intuitive Life Coach & Spiritual Healer

We all have guardian angels what is yours trying to tell you?



Introductory Session

You don’t need to bring questions for this session: Michelle is the one who will do most of the talking, getting straight to the major points your angel will be sharing with her. Thanks to this session, you’ll receive clear direction and walk out with “a solution, not more questions.” This is where you’ll get to see a true intuitive person in action, and appreciate the gift Michelle possesses for connecting with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.


Chakra Healing

Become re-aligned with your spiritual and natural energy: when you feel off-balance, Michelle is able to view your energy and aura, tell you what is blocked, and then apply her knowledge and healing skills to help you find proper balance. Working with your chakras is a very delicate procedure, requiring a great deal of skill and knowledge. It’s not advisable to trust anyone to help you who doesn’t have a lifetime of intuitive experience. Michelle is capable of keeping you protected as your chakra energy points are opened, adjusted, then closed once she’s aligned your energies in an enveloping circle, surrounding you.

michelle's passion and desire to provide the very best results from her abilities has led her to gain a complete, detailed understanding about chakras and natural energies, and she uses her intuitive sight to pinpoint areas that are blocked or imbalanced. Each healing session is different, and specific to each individual.


intuitive Life Coaching

This service is for anyone searching for the path they are meant to follow, who want to walk with their angels and unleash their real potential. If you’ve been searching and are tired of investing in different programs, counselors, coaches, or classes, this is your final stop.

Why? Because rather than doing more searching and stumbling as you try to figure out your path, you’ll receive real solutions. Michelle will give you answers about where, when, why and how you can move forward toward your real purpose.

This appointment is for serious people looking for real results, who are no longer willing to take chances, but are now wanting to make changes. Here, you’ll find the answers you’ve needed to know and reveal the path you should be upon.


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