How I Became What I Am Today

How I Became What I Am Today


Ever since I was born I have had a very strong connection towards the world beyond imagination "the other side, the angels, the past loved ones" I have always been able to see what others could not I have been able to find things other have feared to look for. Right away growing up was a bit more challenging harder to read harder to wright. I always knew I where diffrent so from a very young age I began to test and push myself to see how far and strong my connection truly is. I have found throughout my travels and with the time thats past my abilities have sky rocketed and the messages I receive are so clear . I have come to the point were my abilities have no boundaries. And with my gift and abilities I will help anyone out there who seeks guidance, answers or strengthen ones own gift. 

Growing Up


I have always found that things were more of a challenge for me in school learning was harder I never seemed to fit in anywhere. But I always knew that fitting in was never somthing I was going to be I've learned to accept that. As I got older my connection grew stronger in ways words can not explain. Even though my connection was strong from the beginning every day it grows it's never ending. through my childhood my gift was overwhelmingat times. Throughout my teenage years I honed in on communication really pin pointed what I wanted to know or see.  

My Experience


Throughout my life I have found answers that many people have came to seek in all areas of life when it comes to wanting, waiting, and wondering all three aspects of life togetherI have found truth behind these questions in experince with working with people wasn't always good I must say but though out my years I have come to master the arts of communicating with people so that I can help them to understand the information and messages I have been giving them.

Why I Do This

The Big Question


Why I do this? isn't that the question everyone wants to truly know... I was born with a unique ability the ability to communicate with other peoples gurdian angels this comes easy to me and with that I feel I should help the world to get closer to god, get on the right path, as well as anwering questions to help others with getting them to where they want to be in there life. This is my life purpose let me help you find yours.